Friday, February 17, 2017

Recently, I composed a post about how to get ready for Pokémon GO Gen 2 which should dispatch before the week's over. Turns out, that article didn't wind up being horribly helpful since Niantic astounded everybody and propelled before the day's over.

Following a hour of server issues, the diversion is by all accounts working fine and dandy now, and Gen 2 Pokémon are all over the place. I have been playing as much as humanly conceivable from that point forward, and additionally investigating a hefty portion of the new options to the diversion other than the presence of new Pokémon.

All things considered, I've aggregated some information that you may discover helpful as you begin your Gen 2 Pokémon GO travel. This is by all account not the only exhortation I'll give, yet for the present, this from the get-go, it appears like these things may demonstrate valuable.

1. Gen 2 Pokémon Are Spawning Disproportionately

Pokemon Stuffed Animals

So everybody realizes that 80+ Pokémon have been added to the diversion, however a correct rundown of who showed up is as yet being defined. However, with ~80 Pokémon joining the current ~150, that ought to imply that just a single out of each three Pokémon bringing forth in the wild is Gen 2, correct?

Off-base. Niantic understood that individuals wouldn't be unpleasantly energized for Gen 2 if heaps of Gen 1 kept showing up, so they skewed the numbers a bit. It's too soon to have logical information on this, yet from the hours I've played up until now, I would state it would not be a misrepresentation to state that around 70-80% of brings forth are Gen 2 at this moment, which means they're being weighted intensely by Niantic. I've experienced whole draws where each and every Pokémon that brought forth was Gen 2. It's misty to what extent this will last (it could be uncertainly, however perhaps not), so exploit while you can.

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